Our Story

As a well seasoned proprietor, the inspiration behind the  Pineapple came from my desire to serve this community and make people happy. I’ve learned that by simply bringing  friends  together over drinks, great tropical food and warm hospitality that happiness is a natural outcome!  My experience operating eateries located in the Caribbean islands to all across America has proven this to me! Working in the seafood restraunt industry professionally has been a personal passion and joy for well over 30 years.

The Pineapple is located in beautiful down town Rio. With its  distinctly casual island atmosphere, it delights all who partake of our tropical offerings. Hearing the the lively toe tapping calypso music as they enter, patrons make their way to their favorite table located on our breezy palm encircled patio, or they may be drawn indoors by the unique collection of island artifacts and beautiful carved stone wall. Enjoying their favorite island inspired drink, a glass of cold brew or sipping a crisp glass of their favorite wine they begin their repast by perusing our unique enticing menu.  It  beckons them to taste of our refreshing salads or to indulge in one of  the rich  dairy made soups or chowders, it  then invites them to dive into the irresistible array of  Hawaiian and Caribbean spiced chicken,  fresh tropical fish, tasty shrimp, sweet crab  or tender warm water lobsters.As well as many other island favorites  This why a satisfying, fun night at the Pineapple keeps our seafood connoisseurs and friends  coming back for more!

Let’s build something together.

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